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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Intel's $199 Laptop

Intel, the world's leading processor manufacturer, announced last Tuesday at Computex, a computer trade show in Taiwan, that it plans to produce a $199 laptop aimed at developing countries.

The $199 laptop, dubbed as Eee PC 701 (The 3 E's stands for, Easy to Learn, Easy to Work and Easy to Play) is in collaboration with Asustek, the World's largest computer motherboards manufacturer.

Although Intel already has a low-cost notebook out in the market, the Classmate, the Chip Giant said that the EEE would complement the former. Reuters reported that the Classmate PC is aimed at governments for use at schools in developing countries while the EEE PC will target consumers through conventional channels. The EEE PC will be under the Asustek Brand.

Full article at: Intel Targets Developing Countries with $199 Laptop

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