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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Palm releases the Foleo

Tech news has been filled with news about Palm's new gadget, the Foleo. It's sort of like a laptop with a ten inch display, a full sized keyboard, about the size of a hardbound book, and weighs around 2.5 pounds.
Palm's Foleo, a laptop-like gadget but is it really worth the $500 price tag?

The only thing lacking to make it a full-pledged laptop is that it doesn't have a hard drive and can't fully function as a computer.

So what does it do you say? Well, they're marketing it as a companion for smart phones, particularly the Palm Treo, to let users edit their e-mails and other documents by connecting it with their phones through Bluetooth connection. The Foleo works with Treo smart phones but Palm says that it would also work with most Windows-based smart phones with little or no configuration. Foleo also has Wi-Fi, can browse the internet, and has a Linux-based operating system.

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