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Monday, February 2, 2009

Drive a Luxury Car

I love cars. Ever since I first laid my eyes on a Corvette I've been in love with cars. That's why I love rent-a-cars since that's the only time I get to drive those luxury vehicles. I mean, sure, you can probably test drive newer cars with your local car dealer but with a rent-a-car, you're on your own and you have full control. Renting a car while I'm traveling is one of the few luxuries that I allow myself. Yes, I could scrimp on my hotel room but I would never ever scrimp on my rent a car. That's why I always try to look for enterprise coupon before I travel so that I could save on my rent a car but still splurge a little bit so that I could rent those luxury vehicles that Enterprise have.

You should try it sometime. Luxury cars make you feel really important.

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Voice and Data said...

i am obsessed with cars and the latest models which come everyday