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Monday, February 9, 2009

Acobay: the Consumer Network

Social networks are all about meeting new and reuniting with old friends. With MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, etc, you brag about how many friends you have. The more friends you have, the more it seems that you're popular. And if you're lucky enough to be added to a famous person's friends list, then the more bragging rights you have.

Well, Acobay, is a new social network with a different twist. It's not so much as a social network but a consumer network. At Acobay, it's not how many friends you have, it's how many stuff you own that matters. I actually like the site as it allows me to connect with people who have the same stuff as I do. Like say, I own a specific mobile phone, I post on Acobay that I own it and I can make friends with other people who own the same model. We can thus exchange tips and how tos and even help each other out troubleshooting a person's problems with the device.

Yeah, there's CNET and other forums which will allow you to do that but it's not the same when you can't post pictures of the stuff you own.

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