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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Future Proof your T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile has a lot of Android mobile phones under its sleeve and more to come but probably the most under appreciated phone under its wing is the T-Mobile G2. Looking at its specs, people might shy away from it since it only has an 800 MHz processor while all the new phones nowadays have 1GHz processor and the current trend is dual core processors. But before you completely write-off the G2 or sell it to buy a newer model, there are some ways that can actually future proof your handset.

Overclocking the T-Mobile G2

800 MHz is actually pretty fast and I haven't actually gotten any kinks while running the G2 at stock speed but if you're all about numbers, you can actually overclock your handset to up to 1.4GHz. Overclocking your handset requires rooting but if you're still under warranty you can overclock the T-Mobile G2 with temporary root. Instructions can be found at the link and you can unroot any time. With 1.4 GHz processing speed, the G2 is noticeably speedier and you can now rest assured that your phone is faster than the 1GHz android phones being currently released by Sony Ericsson.

Install FPSE

Sony Ericsson has currently released the XPERIA Play and will be introducing Playstation games in the Android Marketplace for playsation certified handsets. If you want to get in on the action, purchase the FPSE App instead which lets you play PS1 Roms on your handset. You can map keys so you can make use of the G2's physical keyboard and I actually think you're better off with the G2 rather than the Xperia Play esp. if you overclock the latter and you'll have an actual physical keyboard.

Install Custom ROMs

If you don't care about the warranty, you can go all out and permanently root your handset. If you permanently root your T-Mobile G2, you can install custom ROMs. With Custom ROMs you can customize your handset anyway you please; don't like vanilla android? You can install the HTC Sense ROM on the HTC Desire Z. Don't like to wait for the latest version of Gingerbread to be rolled out by T-Mobile? There are Gingerbread ROMs at xda-developers.com. Anything is possible with custom ROMs.

These are just but a few ways to future proof your T-Mobile G2. In the future, more hacks will be possible that would bring out new features on the G2 that you can be sure it will be able to compete with the latest and greatest in a year or two.

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