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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hollywood Hospital iPhone App Review

I've only been revently addicted to app downloading on the iTunes store. I've bookmarked some websites that alerts you when some paid apps have become temporarily free and it's thanks to one of these websites that I've downloaded Hollywood Hospital.

Hollywood Hospital is a time management game for the iPhone. All you have to do is tap on the patients and let the doctors check them without losing the patient's patience. It sounds easy enough but don't be fooled. Getting a gold star is not that easy.

There's nothing new about the gameplay exceptbsome insertion of mini games in the middle of the game. The minigames are okay if things are not hectic but I would recommend turning it off in the options menu because it can become annoying at higher levels. Once you get all gold stars, turning on the minigames can provide good replay value. The characters can move quite slowly which could be annoying, I hope they speed things up a bit with an update.

Graphics wise, Hollywood Hospital doesn't have that much to offer, it's cartoony and q bit pixely. The sounds be loud and annoying at times.

For 99 cents, Hollywood Hospital can provide you with hours of fun, really good value for money if you like time management games. I would have given this five stars but I scraped 1 star because of the bit slow gameplay.

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