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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zenonia: RPG game for iPhone and Android

Craving a final fantasy-like game on your iPhone but don't want to install an emulator? Try Zenonia. Zenonia is a classic RPG game on the iPhone. It has anime, you buy weapons, potions, magic, the only difference is that it's not a turn-based fight, you actually have to tap continuously on your screen to fight monsters. It's tiresome but fun.

The story line is intriguing enough, a Holy Knight takes finds a mysterious baby, raises it and then the knight mysteriously dies. The boy then goes on an adventure to find out who killed his father.

Zenonia has the all the elements of a good RPG game. The only problem is that if you're an avid gamer, you'll have to get used to the touchscreen controls. The touchscreen controls are also very minimal. The transparent directional buttons on the right, and the action button on the left. In the middle, you can touch the icons to activate your magic. The magic icons are small and its difficult in the middle of the fight when you have to activate a specific magic and you end up activating the other icon. Frustrating.

But all in all, Zenonia is a fun game. It's available for download for your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

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