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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pocket Empires: MMORPG game comes to Android

If you've just purchased a new Android phone, there's no need to be envious of the 100,000 apps that the Apple iPhone is boasting about. Android is coming close, 50,000 apps and counting...plus, most of them are free. One of these free apps is Pocket Empires. 

Pocket Empires is like a mobile version of a typical MMORPG. You build cities, recruit armies, attack monsters, conquer them to join your team, and defend yourself against other attackers. Sounds exciting? Well, yeah, at first but building cities and upgrading them takes hours. Conquering monsters also takes hours because you need around 50 health to do that and you're only given 100 health. So how do you exactly conquer monsters in Pocket Empires? It's kinda numbers game. In the game's help section under spying, you're given an idea of an estimate of the number of monsters under the description, "few", "several", "pack", "zounds", "overwhelming", etc. Now although you don't know how powerful these monsters are, the best way is to start with a "few" monsters and then attack with more than 50 of your recruits. It's trial and error. 

I admit, its kinda addicting but although the game is free, it could be expensive if you don't have unlimited data plan. Pocket Empires won't work if it can't detect network access, either via GPRS/3G or WiFi. 

If you've already tried all the free games in the Android market, Pocket Empires is worth a look. 

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