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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recreating a SPA atmosphere in your bathroom

I've been missing my Tiffany Kim Institute SPA sessions since due to the recession, I have to cut back on some pampering. However, I did find these really cool gadgets that would make your bathroom SPA-like so you don't have to go to the Downtown Chicago Spa in order to get your much needed rest and relaxation.

SPA Lights

Candles are so five minutes ago. Why not decorate your bathtub with these SPA lights. These lights are sold in pairs and powered by AA batteries. They're compeletely waterproof so you can stuck them using the rubber suckers on your bathtub. They come in blue, white, and pink colors and provides a soft yellow glow to your bathroom.

Rose Bath Lights

If you don't feel any love for the circular design of the SPA lights, then why not the Rose Bath lights? Just like the SPA lights, the Rose Bath lights are design for your tub, however, they're mainly for floating around your tub and not for underneath it so you might want to combine the two for a more relaxing ambience.

Of course, the SPA lights and Rose Bath lights don't have limited use to your bathtubs. You can always use them on your pools or ponds. The SPA lights sells for £6.95 and you'll get two while the Rose bath lights sell for £9.95 for a pack of three. Both gadgets can be bought from


caller unknown said...

Oh wow! great idea, and I don't even know why I never thought of that?? this is too cool - Thanks to you my girlfriend is going to be forever in debt now that you've opened my eyes ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
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