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Friday, July 3, 2009

Cool Construction Tools

Have you ever seen some TSE Pullers and thought to yourself, if I had a mini version of that, I could make like Batman and launch myself up a building. Well, the Warn PulzAll may do something similar.

The PullzAll can lift or pull around 1000 pounds of weight with a variable motor. The PullzAll has a 15 feet cable with an integrated swiveling hook. Of course, you can't really use it as a grappling hook since the device's hook can't be launched out of the device but you can use it as some sort of Rescu Reel and rappel ourself down a building. It's a nifty construction equipment to use in auto shops or farms but of course, it really can't replace those TSE pullers I've mentioned which is designed for heavy construction.

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