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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Advantages and disadvantages of a Dedicated Server

Most cheap webhosting are hosted on a shared webhosting service. While shared webhosting service are often times reliable and is an excellent choice if you're just running a small business website or a personal blog but problems will arise once you find your website becoming popular and there is a jump in website traffic. Common indicators that your website needs to have a dedicated server is if it takes a Looonng time to load. Of course, this may be attributed to your shared hosting service in which case, try contacting your webhost provider and see if there's any problem. If it persists, it may be time to migrate to a dedicated server hosting.

Another advantage of a dedicated server hosting is that you will have more control over your server operation. You can upload yoru own programs or add extra features, something which can't be done on shared hosting services.

As for the disadvantages, one of the main disadvantages is the cost. The cheapest dedicated server hosting today is around $199. Another disadvantage or it may be an advantage is that you need to have your own technical team to manage your dedicated server. While some hosts provide technical support, they can only provide basic support and it's a good idea that you should have your own IT team to manage your servers.

If costs and manpower is not an issue, then buying a dedicated server is definitely a right choice for companies who are serious about their online presence.

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