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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Printing Funny, Custom Made Shirts

So, ever wanted to create one of those Type T-Shirts with funny and witty one liners? Those kind of shirts are all the rage these days, you’ll see all kinds like “get it here” (and then an arrow down symbol), “I’m with stupid”, etc.

Although Type tee shirts / Funny Tee Shirts, or whatever they call it these days are simple, they’re very popular especially if the quotes or slogan is VERY funny. A Simple black shirt with the words “Bill Clinton for First Lady” would turn everyone’s eyes on you. A funny T-shirt can make you popular or even make someone’s day.

You can get T-shirts with witty quotes from a lot of sources on the Internet, or you can make your own. If you have some sort of fund raising activity for your school or charity, diss the usual bake sale or car wash and why not try selling funny T-shirts.

You can create your own custom shirts from Vistaprint and you don’t have to be contented with a simple text, you can even add your own logos or design.

True, Vistaprint’s database of designs is somewhat old school considering that most of them are clipart images you can find for free on the Internet but with a little bit of creativity with the colors and fonts, you can actually make an original, custom-made shirt.

What’s great is that, Vistaprint’s prices are cheaper as your orders increase so it is really a perfect idea for any fund-raising activities. You can get their custom shirts for as low as $6.99 if your orders are above 200. For that price, you only get a white shirt but if you $1.99 you can get an ash colored shirt or a black colored one for an additional $4.99. Prints on back are also available but again, there’s an additional $4.99.

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